About the Hawf Family Stringband

Hawf Family String Band

The Hawf Family Stringband consists of Doug (guitar), Tonia (bass), Rachel (fiddle), Dylan (fiddle), and Alex (mandolin, lead vocals).  Their sound consists of bluegrass, gospel and roots music with three-part harmonies, modern riffs, improvisation, and heart pounding energy. 

The center of all the action is a condenser microphone.  This one-mic system is reminiscent of older times when bands would play out live and each person would take a turn playing with all his might. 

While each family member has played instruments for several years, the family has performed together as a band for 3 years. Doug comments, “Having my family play and perform music together is a dream come true.”  The Hawfs’ make their home in Allendale, IL. 

Welcome! Meet the band here: